The Long Road
Starting out in 2014, we released our first full length album in May 2015 and kicked off four months of weekend touring from Cleveland to Atlantic City.  
We just completed our second record, 10 kick ass songs scheduled for release
Friday, October 13. 
In the meantime, check out our site and updated collection of merch for the new album!
It's Arrived!!!
 Our Video Single
"Devils Red Mistress"
Latest 'n' Greatest
At long last Raven Tree's debut follow up, "Devils Red Mistress" is finally scheduled for release!! After 15 months of writing, rehearsing and recording we are pleased to bring you another
Devils Red Mistress!!
Download Now!!

Check out our first video single from the upcoming album, the title track Devil's Red Mistress!! You can check it out above!! Also, standby for our next video release, due out next month.  Our kick ass surprise cover tune classic heh heh heh...!  

We're also finishing up our "making of" documentary detailing some of the challenges we overcame this past year or so as we recorded this newest LP.

Finally, we are starting work on a series of video shorts detailing the stories behind our entire catalog of songs, will update you as each of these are finalized and uploaded!! 

In celebration of our sophmore effort we will be offering give aways, contests, free shows etc. So dig into the site and see what else we have going on and how you can be a part of the our experience in 2017~~

Inside Devil's Red Mistress
With our second Raven Tree album we've created a modernized take on blues based hard rock, featuring themes of temptation, guilt, and redemption alongside songs reflecting on the modern world around us. These original songs are capped off by our version of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, and with it’s supernatural blues element the album comes together with a powerful, southern gothic vibe, hence the album cover!  

This album is a midnight ride along a backcountry southern road. It was our intent to capture the band as we actually sound and recorded the old school way; LIVE in a large studio recording room, using only all analog techniques. You can watch our “making of” documentary here or on our YouTube channel! 

On The Road
Raven Tree will be hitting the road in September. Check our schedule and hit us up for tickets, etc!!

June 23 - Fredericksberg,        
June 24 - Calloway, MD

October 13 - Catonsville,

The Raven Tree House Party Contest!!
One lucky fan will win a full on Raven Tree Show at their house! We'll bring the band, lights, sound and a keg, you bring your friends!
Fill out the "Contact Us" form with the message "Raven Tree House Party" and you'll be entered to win~~
The lucky winner will be announced at our Album Release Show, Friday, October 13th !!
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